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CBD Oil Market Place

As the CBD market continues to grow at an explosive rate, it is still very difficult for growers, manufacturers, and distributors to put their product in a meaningful online space where it will be exposed to thousands of eager customers.

Major online retailers are extremely limited in what they can offer, and that is why CBD Web Market is here to help. We are the ultimate marketing and sales solution among CBD and cannabis-related companies, with a wide reach, expert staff, and a shared passion for sharing the benefits of CBD with the world. Everything from creams, tinctures, edibles, and more, CBD Web Market is a trusted partner to those who are interested in only finding the best possible CBD products available.

We welcome any merchant who shares this passion and is excited as we are about responsibly leveraging the latest marketing techniques and warehousing methods to move products quickly and inexpensively. We understand the struggle in launching a new brand from scratch. After investing considerable resources in bulking up on inventory and carefully adhering to regulations, now companies have to figure out how to start moving product and recouping costs. Coming up with the cash for quality e-commerce development, marketing, and staffing are just some of the hurdles new companies face, and oftentimes find themselves succumbing to before they even really get started.

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CBD Web Market eliminates all of these challenges, giving companies the opportunity to grow their brand and build a customer base from the first moment they join the CBD Web Market family. Getting set up is effortless. New merchants pay a small set up fee and share 10% of their gross revenue with CBD Web Market as part of the partnership. As long as the product is legal, complies with the FDA, and has an accompanying lab analysis certificate, there is nothing stopping anyone from joining CBD Web Market and immediately growing their business in an exciting new way.

Since launching, the site has become comparable to eBay or Amazon.com in terms of its format, scope, and emphasis on quality business-to-consumer interactions. Over time, we have developed an impressive network of CBD industry leaders, offering one of the most carefully curated catalogs of products ever collected.

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So, why do manufacturers and distributors of CBD oil needs such a marketplace?

This is a pretty simple question, today in the U.S. there is in existence over 1.1 million online stores, suppose 5% of them sell hemp and hemp-based products. That constitutes about 33,000 online marketers. Internet today is quite a complicated forum to find a right customer and still remain profitable. Quite often the expenses required to attract and keep customers are higher than the profit generated. That is the reason why many sites can be found only by their owners or by people typing the site address explicitly.