5 ways to make your garden summer-ready this weekend

With limits on outdoor time in place across the country, those of us lucky enough to have a garden are doubling-down on making it summer-ready. It’s easy to sit inside and indulge in the best TV streaming services at times like these. However, it’s important to get time away from your computer or TV screen and stretch those legs. Fresh air is proven to be beneficial for your mental and physical health, not to mention, your yard will thank you. 

Recent research has shown that Americans have finished with stockpiling toilet paper, and switched their attention to buying fruit and vegetable seeds. Even if you’re not looking to create your own cabbage patch, it’s clear that isolation has us switching the school run and morning commute for new hobbies and outdoor time. Perhaps you’re thinking that now is the time to tend to neglected flowerbeds or lawns, or you’re looking to indulge in some home luxuries with outdoor leisure investments. We’ve rounded up the top five ways to make your garden summer-ready and optimized for isolation, to bring the park to you. 

1. Get mowing  

5 ways to make your garden summer-ready this weekend

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Is your yard looking a little overgrown? Step one to giving your garden some TLC is mowing the lawn. Not only does mowing your lawn make it look a whole lot nicer, it also stimulates your grass to grow thicker and healthier and keeps weeds from getting out-of-hand. 

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