Abortion rights on the ballot in several states this election

Amna Nawaz:

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June, abortions appear to be on the decline. A new study by the Society of Family Planning shows the number of legal abortions nationwide in July and August dropped by more than 10,000.

Meanwhile, most of the political debate on the issue is taking place at the state level. Four states have abortion rights on the ballot this fall.

And joining me now are reporters from two of those states.

Zoe Clark is political director for Michigan Radio, and Ryland Barton is managing editor at Kentucky Public Radio.

Welcome to you both. Thanks for joining us.

Ryland, kick us off here in Kentucky. Right now, your state has a near total abortion ban. That’s being challenged in a lawsuit, right? But, this election, there is an amendment on the ballot, Amendment 2. What could that mean for abortion access in Kentucky?

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