Agitator vs. Impeller: Which washer type is best?

The debate on whether agitator vs impeller washers are more effective is central to many people’s buying decisions, and will shape the way you do laundry when you have eventually made a choice. There are many things to consider within this debate, including washing power, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, so make sure to extensively survey your laundry options before you settle on a machine. 

In the simplest terms possible, agitators are central columns that twist and turn during a wash cycle and are usually found within the best top load washers (opens in new tab). They are sometimes equipped with vanes in order to create friction, and aid in removing stains and dirt from clothes due to the vigorous motion they create. By contrast, impellers, which are ordinarily found within the best front load washers (opens in new tab), are disc-shaped devices that work to spin your clothes in a circular motion within the main body of the machine. 

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