Best Casper mattress deals October 2020: Save up to $400 ahead of the Casper mattress Black Friday sale

The best Casper mattress deals for October have arrived, saving you up to $400 on the Casper Original Mattress when bought as part of a bundle that includes a mattress protector and a foundation. Plus, you can save up to 60% on accessories in the Casper mattress sale on clearance items, including a soft-touch Casper Weightless Cotton Sheet Set for just $30. Use the Casper discount code COMFORT-10 BUNDLE at checkout and you can get 20% off a wider range of Sleep Bundles too.

If you’ve seen our guide to the best mattress online you’ll know that Casper mattress is one of our top choices for anyone who wants an affordable mattress that punches well above its price tag. There’s a surprising amount of spinal support and pressure relieving comfort on offer here, especially considering how the Original Mattress starts from just $595. Happily, it’s included in this month’s best Casper mattress deals thanks to that Bundle offer. Ahead of any Casper Black Friday sale, it’s definitely worth considering

You can also buy a mattress topper, The Layer, in the current Casper mattress sale, but you need to be quick as sizes are selling out fast now that it starts at just $96. Even when they aren’t on sale, Casper mattresses are great value for money, and if you buy one now you can take advantage of Casper’s 100-night ‘risk-free’ trial. What does that mean? If Casper isn’t right for you, send it back within the trial period for a refund. 

As mentioned above, the Original is the mattress we suggest if you have a smaller budget yet need better spinal alignment during sleep. And thanks to this month’s best Casper mattress deals, you can save up to $400 on the Casper Original Mattress Bundle, giving you everything you need for a better night’s sleep. 

Casper Original Mattress Bundle | Save up to $400 on the Original Mattress, Foundation and Mattress Protector
This offer gives you a Casper Original Mattress, plus a Foundation (to support your mattress and help it last longer) and a durable mattress protector. Prices start from $744 (was $930) for the all-foam Twin Bundle, rising to $1,440 (was $1,800) for the Cal King bundle. Definitely our top pick for the best Casper mattress deals.View Deal

 If you’re looking for more deals, we’ve also rounded up the best best Amazon Holiday Dash deals that are now live, and you’ll also find the best Black Friday USA deals starting soon too.

Deals highlights

Casper mattress deals highlights

There are three Casper mattresses to pick from: the Casper Original (available in Foam or Hybrid), the Casper Nova Hybrid and the Wave Hybrid. Without a specific Casper discount code, the price of a new Casper mattress starts from just $595 for the Original, $1,095 for the Nova Hybrid, and $1,495 for the Wave Hybrid.

Today, the best Casper mattress deal across the entire range is up to a $400 saving on the Casper Original Mattress Bundle.

Casper also makes one of the best pillows for sleep, and offers regular discounts on other bedding and accessories too, including mattress protectors and sheets. In fact, right now you can get 60% off Linen Bed Sheets while stocks last.

Speaking of sheets, this month Casper has released new bed sheets, the Casper Percale Sheets, made from 100% organic cotton and breathable percale. They’re designed to feel light and cool yet comforting. 2 Casper Percale Pillow Cases start from $40 per pair, Shams cost from $79 per pair, Casper’s new Duvet Cover starts from $99, the Percale Sheet Set starts from $109, and the Casper Percale Sheet Set and Duvet Cover starts from $208.

As there are regular Casper sales throughout the year, the best Casper mattress deals vary month to month. All products are available for free home delivery for the majority of America, and the mattresses and pillows come on a 100-night ‘risk-free’ trial. So if they aren’t right for you, return them within the trial period.

If you’re looking for a different type of mattress, but want to access great deals, we’d also recommend looking at our guides to the best Purple mattress deals and the best Saatva mattress discounts. Also, take a look at our guide to the best Amazon Prime Day mattress and bedding deals for seasonal offers.

Best deals to shop

Best Casper mattress deals and discounts to shop now

This month’s best Casper mattress deal | Save up to $400 on the Casper Original Mattress Bundle
Right now there aren’t any Casper discount codes to save you money on each Casper mattress, but you can save up to $400 on the Original (now from $744) when buying it as part of this Best-Selling Bundle. The Original comes in either all-foam or, for an extra $200, in a foam and springs hybrid model. View Deal

Casper Comfy Bundle | Save 20% on Casper pillows and sheets
Thanks to the current Casper discount code, you can save 20% on this Casper pillow and bed sheets bundle. Included are two Casper Original Pillows and one Sateen Sheet Set. You’ll save up to $68 on this set during the current Casper mattress sale, with the bundle now starting from $191 (was from $239).View Deal

Casper Mattress Topper Sale | Was from $137 |  Get 30% off the Casper Layer, now from $96
This Casper mattress topper is ideal for enhancing the support and comfort of your existing mattress, making it a worthy investment if you don’t have the budget or need to buy a new Casper mattress just yet. It fits easily over your mattress and can even be collapsed and carried by the handle if you’re on the move.View Deal

Casper Pillow Bundle discounts | Save up to $68 on two bed pillows and a sheets set
Choose this bundle and you’ll get two Original Pillows and one Sateen Sheet Set for less. The pillow is a down-alternative that’s soft yet supportive, while the sateen sheets are made from 100% organic cotton. Prices start from $191 (was $239) for the Twin Bundle, through to $271 (was $339) for the Cal King bundle.View Deal

Casper Cool Supima Sheets | Was from $90 | Now from $45
The Casper mattress sale contains a clearance section, within which you can find staggering discounts on bedding and accessories, including 50% off this Cool Supima Sheets Set. For the low price you’ll get one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and one pillowcase. These are 400 two-ply thread count sheets, and are OEKO-TEX 100 certified, making them safe for babies and children too.View Deal

Why Casper

Why buy a mattress from Casper online

For those of you who are new to buying mattresses this way and may therefore feel a little apprehensive, Casper makes it easy by giving you a 100-night trial on its mattresses. So you’ll have plenty of time to get used to yours before firmly committing to buying. 

As well as a generous trial period, Casper mattresses are also covered by a 10-year limited warranty, and these are still honored when you take advantage of the best Casper mattress deals. 

Casper is also more affordable than many of its competitors, making it perfect for anyone with a smaller budget but who wants a mattress that’ll last many a year. After all, mattress shopping is fun, but you don’t want to be doing it that often. 

Meet Casper’s new bed frames
Last month, Casper introduced a new line of bed frames. The Haven Bed Frame (on sale from $1,256) is truly stunning, wrapped in premium Felted Wool and designed with a cushioned headboard that doubles as a comfy backrest. 

For something sleeker, look to the Repose Bed Frame (on sale from $626), with your choice of either a sustainable sourced wood or pillow headboard.

Casper mattress benefits

The benefits of a Casper mattress

Casper mattresses are more affordable than many of its competitors, making it one of the first brands to consider if you want luxury sleep for less. Aside from the lower entry price tags, especially on the Element and Original mattresses, the benefits of a Casper mattress include:

  • Enhanced airflow – they keep you cool as you sleep
  • Keeps your neck and spine aligned during sleep
  • Helps relieve pressure and pain when you’re lying down
  • Great in-bed support without ever feeling uncomfortable
  • Suit a range of sleep styles/positions
  • Eco-conscious – mattress covers are made from recycled bottles

Best Casper mattress deals and discount codes: a woman sits on her new Casper mattress

(Image credit: Casper)

Best Casper mattress deals: Which mattress should you buy?

As mentioned above, Casper has three different mattresses for you to choose from, depending on your preferred sleep position and your postural needs. These will change the older you get, so you may find that you need a more supportive mattress now compared to a few years ago. 

If that’s the case, we believe that the best Casper mattress for maximum support is the Wave Hybrid. It’s designed to relieve general aches and pains, especially back pain, and should help you feel less stiff.

If you want oodles of comfort and support, and can’t stretch to the Wave Hybrid, look no further than the newest addition to the Casper mattress family, the Nova Hybrid

This cooling mattress has a snugly plush top layer that cradles your body without skimping on support. Essentially, you get the best of both worlds, and for slightly less. This is currently our top pick for the best Casper mattress deal, as you can save 10% on the Nova Hybrid and enjoy it on a 100-night trial to ensure it really is your golden ticket to fabulous sleep. 

Let’s not forget the Casper Original mattress either, because this is the one that works for just about every type of sleep position, whether you’re a side sleeper, a back sleeper, stomach snoozer or a bit of everything. Like its siblings, the Casper Original is breathable and cooling, and comes in a hybrid (foam and springs) or all-foam array.

Mattress range

Best Casper mattress deals: Meet the Casper mattresses

Best Casper mattress deals and discount codes: Casper Original Mattress sale

(Image credit: Casper)

Casper Original Mattress

The best Casper mattress for every type of sleeper

Sizes: Twin through to Cal King | Turn: No | Filling: Memory foam | Comfort: Medium | Trial: 100 days | Guarantee: 10 years | RRP: Twin: $595, Twin XL: $695, Full: $995 Queen: $1,095, King: $1,295, Cal King: $1,295

Good for hot sleepers

Supports combination sleepers

100 night trial

Perhaps too soft for some

The Casper Original Mattress has over 19,000 reviews on the Casper site alone, and is designed primarily for all types of sleeper. That makes it especially ideal for combination sleepers – so those of us who wriggle around between different sleep positions – and anyone who wants decent support and comfort. 

This is Casper’s entry level mattress and is made from premium all-foam (for the foam and springs version, see below). It uses three zones of support to ensure your body is supported from tip to toe as you sleep, relieving any pressure you may feel so that you don’t wake up due to discomfort caused by the mattress. 

The foam is softer around your shoulders while firmer under your hips, waist and lower back. Together, this provides relief for your upper body while keeping your spine aligned.

Casper also describes the Original Mattress as cooling, so it lends itself well to any naturally hot sleepers who often wake up during sleep because they feel too warm. This more breathable performance is achieved by an innovation called AirScape, a top layer of perforated foam that reduces heat. Those small perforations within the foam move hot air and body heat away, keeping the mattress cooler for longer.

The best Casper mattress deals and discount codes: Casper Original Hybrid Mattress

(Image credit: Casper)

Casper Original Hybrid Mattress

The spring and foam version of the mattress above

Sizes: Twin through to Cal king | Filling: Foam and springs | Comfort: Medium | Trial: 100 days | Guarantee: 10 years | RRP: Twin: $695, Twin XL: $795, Full: $1,195 Queen: $1,295, King: $1,495, Cal King: $1,495

Affordable hybrid

Good for all sleep positions


You may need targeted back support

When you have proper support in the places where you need it most, you stand a better chance of having a more comfortable night’s sleep. The Casper Hybrid Original Mattress is designed to give you that support by using a combination of soft foam at the top of the mattress and firmer foam towards the middle down. Together, they work to keep your spine better aligned, so you won’t wake up feeling stiff or bent out of shape because of a poor mattress. 

The Original Hybrid Mattress has the same top layer of Airscape perforated breathable foam, with those tiny holes circulating cool air and drawing body heat away from the mattress. Plus, the comfy and supportive premium foam is there too. The key difference between this hybrid and the all-foam version is the layer of springs, there to add lift, further support and increased airflow. These springs are enclosed with a firm border with defined edge support to help you get in and out of bed more easily.

The Hybrid Original Mattress suits all types of sleeper, especially those of you who have disturbed sleep through feeling too warm, and those who experience neck pain and need more targeted support around the upper body. On the subject of neck pain, we’d recommend looking at the best pillow for different sleep positions, as the right bed pillow can make a noticeable difference. 

Best Casper mattress deals and discount codes: Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress sale

(Image credit: Casper)

Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress

The best Casper mattress for all-out comfort

Sizes: Twin through to Cal king | Filling: Foam and springs | Comfort: Medium | Trial: 100 days | Guarantee: 10 years | RRP: Twin: $1,095, Twin XL: $1,245, Full: $1,795 Queen: $1,995, King: $2,295, Cal King: $2,295

Supremely comfortable

Moves body heat away from you

Targeted full body support

This is Casper’s coziest mattress, built for sheer comfort and maximum snuggles. Why? Because of the plush top layer sitting on top of this stunning mattress. The Nova Hybrid is Casper’s half-way house between the entry-level Casper Original and the all-out luxury of the Wave Hybrid (see below). And what a half-way house this is! The Nova Hybrid makes no sacrifices on comfort, giving you plushness and constant in-bed support. 

Whereas the Casper Original has three zones of support, the Nova Hybrid has over double that with seven distinct zones to ensure proper spinal alignment. This is hugely important, as if you’re sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t keep your spine aligned, you’ll develop a greater chance of back pain and, because it’s all connected, neck pain too. 

The softer foam is found around your shoulders, while the firmer foam for ergonomic support is placed in the mattress just under shoulder height, around your hips, waist and lower back. It’s the ideal combination and should boost your comfort for a more relaxing night’s sleep, so definitely one to consider when choosing from among the best Casper mattress deals. 

There are four layers to a Nova Hybrid. The top layer is Airscape, with those same tiny perforations to boost airflow and encourage body heat to escape, and a foam top with a plush, velvety smooth feel. There’s a second layer of Airscape to stop any overheating, and within this layer lies supportive foam. 

Under that, in layer three, lives the Zoned Support Pro system, which relieves pressure under your shoulders and delivers ergonomic support to your lower back and hips. The base houses springs for extra lift and airflow, plus a firmer border with edge support.

Casper customer Sarah V sums it up perfectly: “If you like the feeling of a soft and plush surface but the support of a firmer foundation, you’ll love this mattress.”

Best Casper mattress deals and discount codes: Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress sale

(Image credit: Casper)

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

The best Casper mattress for back pain and general aches

Sizes: Twin through to Cal king | Filling: Foam, gel and springs | Comfort: Medium-firm | Trial: 100 days | Guarantee: 10 years | RRP: Twin: $1,495, Twin XL: $1,695, Full: $2,395 Queen: $2,595, King: $2,995, Cal King: $2,995

Helps relieve back pain

Good neck support

Best of all Casper’s tech


Meet Casper’s flagship mattress, the mighty Wave Hybrid. This is the cream of the Casper crop, and draws upon every innovation and cool feature found in the Casper Original and the Nova Hybrid, and adds in a few little extra special touches too. As it should, considering it has the highest price tag of any Casper. 

This is the Casper you want for maximum support and to ease back pain. In fact, based on a randomized survey of Casper mattress owners in January of this year, 9 out of 10 respondents said they now have less back pain after sleeping on this mattress. The Nova Hybrid takes sleep seriously, and works hard to keep you cool and comfy throughout the night. 

Casper has made this mattress to deliver full-body relief, and describes it as offering ‘continuous ergonomic zones’ throughout. Again, there’s softer foam around the shoulders to provide relief to your upper body, plus firmer foam elsewhere to encourage better spinal alignment. The top layer uses a thin coating of cooling gel on top of that breathable Airscape perforated foam, which makes the Nova Hybrid one of the most refreshing and cooling Casper mattresses. Those are layered on top of premium foam that relieves pressure further.

There’s more Airscape in layer two and layer three, along with supportive memory foam and three areas of Zoned Support Max to better align your spine. Layer four is exciting, as that is where the Casper gel pods live. 

These are positioned under waist and lower back height to add extra support for your spine and to relieve any back pain. Layer five, the base, is a combination of resilient springs for extra lift, support and airflow, enclosed in a firmer border with good edge support. The latter makes it easier for you to get in and out of bed.

Basically, if you see the Wave Hybrid on offer among the best Casper mattress deals, and you have the budget and need maximum back support and comfort, this is the one to try. Don’t forget, it’s available on a 100 night trial – experts say that you need to sleep on a mattress for 30 consecutive nights to ensure it’s right for you, so 100 nights is plenty.

Oh, and here’s a fun fact: each Wave Hybrid mattress cover is made with up to 121 recycled bottles, saving them from ending up in the ocean or in landfill.

Casper FAQ

Are Casper mattresses good?

The Casper Original mattress is perfect if you’re likely to move around a lot at night. That’s because it has quick-responding transition layers and a supportive base to keep you cradled no matter what position you’re sleeping in. It’s also a good choice if you tend to get a bit hot at night because the breathable design works hard to promote airflow and keeps the bed feeling nice and cool. 

The Casper Original comes in a foam version and a hybrid (foam and springs), with different layers to target a range of sleep needs. In the foam version, the first layer of Airscape foam increases airflow to keep you cool. Layer two comprises zoned support from memory foam to align your spine and provide more relief. The third layer is a durable base designed to prevent mattress sagging so that your body is continuously supported throughout the night.

The Casper Original is a very versatile mattress and would support a range of different sleepers. But if you have the budget and want the very best in terms of comfort and support, we recommend the Casper Wave Hybrid. Each of the Casper mattresses are available on a 100 night trial and have a free returns policy should you change your mind.

How much are Casper mattresses?

With three models on the market, there is a Casper mattress to suit every budget. The newest addition to the Casper family is the Nova Hybrid, which starts at an RRP of $1,095 for the Twin, $1,245 for the Twin XL, $1,795 for the Full, $1,995 for the Queen and $2,295 for the King and Cal king.

The premium Casper mattress is the Wave Hybrid. Prices for this one start at $1,495 for the Twin, $1,695 for the Twin XL, $2,395 for the Full, $2,595 for the Queen, and $2,995 for the King and the Cal king. 

The budget offering is the Casper Original, which is a surprisingly versatile mattress at a low price. Prices start at is $595 for the Twin, $695 for the Twin XL, $995 for the Full, $1,095 for the Queen, and $1,295 the King and Cal king.

As you can see, prices vary between the three models, but the Casper Original Mattress remains competitive and affordable. And of course, with our round-up of the best Casper mattress deals, you’ll never pay full price again as we’re always on top of the latest casper discount codes to save you money.

Best Casper mattress deals and discount codes to use now: a woman stretches while getting up from a Casper mattress

(Image credit: Casper)

More of the best Casper mattress deals and discount codes

There is no better time to buy a mattress than when you have the best Casper mattress deal or Casper discount code at your disposal. Plus, there’s probably a scientist somewhere who has proven that you sleep even better when you get a good bargain on a great mattress.

Here are some of the most tempting Casper mattress offers currently running, and don’t forget that this page will be updated daily, so if you’re ready to buy a Casper mattress but don’t see a price that’s right for you at the moment, just keep checking. 

Amazon: Get free next day delivery

Thanks to Amazon Prime you can get your Casper mattress the next day – for FREE. There are also discounts on the essential model of up to $60.  The full Casper range is available on Amazon, and if you’re just looking for sleep accessories, they also fall under the Prime next day delivery offer. View Deal

QVC: Pay in 3

QVC are selling Casper mattresses with the added bonus that you can spread the payments over three installments. This is perfect if you’d like a Casper mattress but don’t have the full amount upfront. QVC also offers free standard shipping and handling.  View Deal

Casper bedding sale

The best Casper mattress deals on bedding and lights

Casper Down Pillow: From $125

This pillow is filled with 100% ethically sourced down feathers providing natural and luxurious support. It’s adaptable to any sleep position thanks to their special 5 chamber structure. It’s also washable and you can throw it in the dyer to keep it fresh. The standard size is $125 whilst the king comes in at $165.View Deal

Original Casper Pillow: From $65

This pillow holds its shape and is machine washable. Costing just $65 for the standard pillow and $85 for the king, this pillow is soft but also super supportive. This pillow also benefits from the 100-night risk-free trial so if you don’t like it, just send it back and receive a refund. View Deal

Humidity Fighting Duvet: From $350

If you want a cooler sleep, then this duvet will help keep you cool. Made from 100% cotton shell with a merino wool layer and ethically sourced down it’s perfect for hot summer days and cold winter nights. View Deal

Glow Light: From $129

A light that is designed to send you to sleep may be an odd concept but this light will help you wind down naturally and enjoy a deeper, better sleep. It’s totally portable, has an ambient light sensor so you can use it in the middle of the night without waking anyone up and in the morning provides soft light to help you wake up gently without loud alarms.View Deal

Casper Black Friday

Black Friday Casper mattress deals 2020: What to expect

Black Friday is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a mattress upgrade thanks to the excellent deals and discounts across the web. And Casper didn’t disappoint on Black Friday last year when we saw discounts of up to $240 on Amazon and 10% from Casper directly. 

This year we’re expecting to see Casper continue to be competitive with similar money off plus maybe a free pillow or two with their premium mattress The Wave. 

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