Best People Search Sites 2022

Whether you’re wanting to locate a long-lost relative, discover details about someone or simply find a friend, the best people search sites are useful for finding information quickly and easily. They can be used to learn addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts and websites, amongst other things, often without charge. 

So why not do your own research? Well, people search sites can give you lots of information that would otherwise be difficult, and expensive, to source. You’ll find publicly available information, as well as company protected information, all in one place. However this means there are restrictions on how you use the site. For example, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) states you can’t use these services for hiring someone, lending money, leasing property or any other professionally related decision. And if criminal records are the focus of your search, one of the best background check services (opens in new tab) may be better suited instead.

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