Best Shop Vacuums 2022 | Top Ten Reviews

The best shop vacuums will set any spills straight, whether it’s sawdust, smashed glass or spilled milk. With a little extra gusto than the best vacuums for home (opens in new tab), shop vacuums are built to spruce up offices, shops and building work too, thanks to their lengthy hoses and supersized tanks. On top of that, the best wet-dry vacuums can be used to lick up liquid messes, whether that’s from plumbing woes or spills on the shop floor.

If the best shop vacuums weren’t on your radar previously, that’s probably down to their top spot in commercial and industrial settings. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their uses around the home too. While the longer cables are a dream at reaching troublesome corners around warehouses or other businesses, they’ll also make tidying up your driveway or garage less of a chore. That’s why the best wet-dry vacuums have longer cables than a traditional vacuum, with cord lengths reaching as far as 20 feet or so to really tackle your problem patches. Plus, you’ll find that some can handle two chores at once, as they can be contorted into a handheld blower to blast away dirt, dust, and leaves.

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