Best vision insurance 2020: coverage for your vision care needs

Editor’s Choice: VSP Individual Vision Plans

VSP has the best benefits, offering the best allowances on frames and contacts as well as quality copays on exams and lenses. Though it has higher premiums, the benefits offset that cost.VIEW DEAL ON VSP

If you’re looking for the best vision insurance companies to take care of your various eye health needs, you’re in the right place here. Looking after your eyes is important whatever the weather, but some of us need to be a little more attentive, depending on the vision issues we may be faced with. After all, eye care is a part of life that needs regular attention.

This means it’s worth spending some time considering what’s important to you before you start looking at different vision care providers and plans. Some offer discounts on corrective surgery, for example, while others offer money-back guarantees and even allow you to combine your vision care plan with your dental insurance.

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