Charlotte’s Web Sells Illegal Products Says Lawsuit

The days of being the darlings of the industry are waning it appears….

Legal Newsline reports……Cannabidiol products sold by Charlotte’s Web Inc. are actually illegal, says a new class action intended to stop the company.

Plaintiff Rasunae Moqeet filed a lawsuit Aug. 6 in Los Angeles federal court against Charlotte’s Web, which makes CBD oils, capsules and gummies. Those products are mislabeled, the suit says.

“All of Defendant’s products are mislabeled as dietary supplements and/or contain the illegal dietary ingredient CBD,” the suit says.

“Every product contains a supplement facts section on the back of the container which is reserved for dietary supplements and explicitly state ‘Dietary Supplement’ on the front of the packaging. The FDA has stated that CBD may not be labeled as a dietary ingredient or legally be contained within a dietary supplement.”

The firms pushing the case are Barbar, Mansour & Suciu; Shub Law Firm; Greg Coleman Law; and Bursor & Fisher.

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