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Chocolatey-nutty-slightly-salty-and-a-bit-exotic treats rocking my world right now. I followed the recipe exactly, worked out fine–just don’t use a heavy hand with the chocolate. Used a blender (don’t have a food processor) for the date caramel, but don’t recommend it; had to add quite a bit of water to puree it adequately. Still delicious.

ihatemuffinsWaco, TX01/11/20

These are so good!! I used hazelnuts, and made them in mini cupcake liners. Perfect size. Recipe made 24 mini cuties, and I had juuuuust enough chocolate for that.

AnonymousWashington, DC01/07/20

These are amazingly good! They have this light crunchy texture that is so much better than plain chocolate bark could ever be, and the date caramel is great- doesn’t taste “healthy” at all frankly. I made them in mini muffin cups and used 7oz of chocolate (that’s what my 2 bars weighed) and I got a yield of 30. A little fussy but absolutely worth the effort.

AnonymousWashington DC01/05/20

This recipe is great. All the flavors worked so well together, loved the addition of sesame seeds. I did switch out the walnuts for almonds because I’m not a fan of walnuts, but other than that, I followed the recipe and it turned out amazing. Everyone that has tried it so far has loved it.

AnonymousSouthern California01/05/20

These are amazing. I had plenty of chocolate (did not need to double it). I just used a little on the bottom of the muffin liner and swirled it around.


These are incredible. Date caramel might better than the real thing if we’re being honest (and we are). I would like to second the comment about doubling the chocolate and coconut oil. My initial batch of melted chocolate only covered the bottoms of 12 parchment muffin tin liners and I needed to make another batch to cover the tops. Also, when I inevitably make these again I might do a double batch in order to make the date caramel easier to process in a food processor. I have a standard full-sized processor and the amount that goes into the bowl for just a single batch is a little small and makes the date caramel take while to get fully processed by the blades. Doing a double batch would solve that issue I think. Those couple of small things aside, this recipe is a homerun for sure.


These are so good. However, I needed to double the bittersweet chocolate and coconut oil. I used silicon backing cups (average size) and the initial chocolate batch covered a think layer for all 12 cups. I needed to make a second chocolate mix in order to cover the date caramel. Not sure if this recipe was meant for mini cupcake tins?

michellerobinetDenver, CO12/30/19

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