Crews work to help those hit by Hurricane Ian in Florida as storm moves into Carolinas

Evan Peterson, American Red Cross:

Well, it is kind of in a moment right now where we’re all kind of coming out of our shelters and figuring out what exactly happened. How much damage has there been?

We have been here since before the storm, making sure that we have resources and people at the ready so that, when the time comes that we’re not providing that immediate safety and those immediate needs, we can start transitioning towards long-term recovery.

Right now, we’re slowly beginning that process. We have been in constant communication with our government liaisons, municipalities, emergency management services, all across the state of Florida, but as well as South Carolina and Georgia, making sure that, when they need help, when they need us to help respond, we are able to do so.

In fact, last night we had 10,000 people staying at a variety of Red Cross and partner shelters, about 100 in total. So, right now, that’s the name of the game, beginning that pivot, assessing damage, and making sure we’re developing that plan to help people make that long-term recovery help.

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