Ex-Playboy model with brain tumor chooses CBD over chemo


CBD LIFE USA was founded in 2017 by its founding member, Bill , who saw the need to help spread the word of Hemp and its medical based miracle, CBD. He started this company to help those looking for the best products with the best ingredients and simple solutions to some of life’s most troubling issues. That’s because Bill has his own story and reason of getting involved in the CBD industry. CBD is the only  medicine that has truly helped him with his condition of Chrohn’s Disease he has had for over 20 years. For the last 3 years he has used CBD with little to no THC and he has never felt better. 

As Bill puts it, “I have truly gained my life back!” 

Any questions or want to contribute please feel free to email us via contact us  page or directly at info@cbdlifeusa.com  and let’s all spread the “CBD LIFE” message throughout the wor

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