Housing, food, electricity still in short supply for many after Hurricane Ian

Chessa Latifi:

Health care is going to be really, really important, right?

You see a high level of noncommunicable disease, so diabetes and hypertension. And so I think a lot of people think about the acute needs that may be injury or trauma and an event like this, but it’s going to be these long-term needs. And I can’t tell you how many people we have spoken to today and yesterday that still don’t have their insulin and haven’t had that for days, which is just a very, very dangerous situation.

Basic hygiene items, water, right? The water supply has been disrupted. You cannot drink the drinking water, if you even have access to the drinking water. A lot of the communities that we are in have well water. And so it undrinkable. And so these are — that is — also has the potential to spread disease.

One of the areas that we’re working in right now, there are families that are sleeping in their homes without roofs, right. And so the children are covered in just mosquito bites everywhere. It’s supposed to rain this weekend. There’s a lot of despair out here.

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