How to clean a Shark vacuum in 10 steps

Learning how to clean a Shark vacuum will make your vacuum cleaner live longer and clean more thoroughly. That means learning good maintenance techniques is a win all-around for your home, and your wallet. Of course, all of the best vacuum cleaners (opens in new tab) need some attention from time to time, from a deep clean to a quick rinse of the filter, but there are some particular features to Shark vacuums that make cleaning them a little more specific.

There are many terms Shark use to describe the features within its vacuum cleaners (do Lift-Away, DuoClean and Anti-Hair Wrap ring any bells?), and all of these separate aspects need to be thoroughly deep cleaned too. Cleaning this vacuum is a good exercise in learning more about your vacuum as well as its longevity so that you can keep one of the best vacuums in your space for longer. Every vacuum cleaner might be slightly different, so while this is our advice, be sure to check your vacuum’s manual before getting started.

How often should I clean my Shark vacuum?

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