I Stopped Considering Microblading After Trying This $10 Hard Candy Brow Duo | See Photos, Editor Review

That being said, the felt tip on the Ultra-Precise Brow Pen is unlike any other one I’ve tried — it doesn’t blast me with a stripe of product the moment it hits my skin, and I find it easy to make soft, hair-like strokes. The formula isn’t too intensely pigmented and I find myself having to press pretty firmly to get the product to show up (a plus for felt-tip newbies like me). However, an issue is that the product tends to bunch up at the tip of the brush, so when I take it out of the tube, I have to wipe off the excess product onto the lip of the bottle. Not a huge deal, but definitely a nice-to-know.

I also appreciate that this brow pen’s formula dries down quickly — Lam-Phaure attests to the product’s use of alcohol denat, which also happens to make the formula less prone to smudging. But one thing I’m not a fan of? The spoolie end of the brow pen. It’s more of a plastic, silicone-feeling brush, so it has more slick, which, in my opinion, makes it more difficult to comb through every hair. I prefer spoolies that have densely-packed bristles, but the buildability of the pen makes up for it.

As for the Ghosted Brow Gel, it’s ideal for those who like to have a little more play time. Lam-Phaure says that this formula contains propylene glycol, a common ingredient found in gel formulas that doesn’t dry down too quickly, giving you ample wiggle room to perfect your application. The formula of this brow gel gets an A+ from me: it’s rich but buildable, and creamy, yet doesn’t budge once it dries down. While I enjoy wearing the gel on its own, when my goal is to fill in sparse areas, I love it even more paired with the Ultra-Precise Brow Pen for a bolder, microbladed effect to my brows.

Courtesy of Michelle Rostamian for Allure

Simply put: this brow pen has officially transformed me into a felt tip convert, and the brow gel reminds me of higher-end formulas in terms of both longevity and application (Benefit Gimme Brow+, I’m looking at you). Both have become staples in my routine, especially given the wallet-friendly price tag they come with. 

As for Leonard, the duo is also a go-to for all of her looks. “I almost view [the brow pen] like a primer — I draw very fine strokes to fill in gaps and add depth and shape, and then I apply the Ghosted Brow Gel using upward strokes to give the brows a lift,” she says, noting that she finishes off by following the natural arch of the brow with the spoolie to comb hairs into place.

Hard Candy Ultra-Precise Brow Pen

Hard Candy Ghosted Brow Gel

If you’re interested in trying out these brow products for yourself, you can shop the Ultra-Precise Brow Pen and Ghosted Brow Gel at walmart.com for $5 each.

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