Judge blocks Title 42 health order used to expel people crossing southern border

Nick Miroff:

Well, they can increase capacity to hold migrants in custody. They can send more agents and other personnel, including potentially National Guard or other DH personnel — DHS personnel to the border to assist Border Patrol agents.

But, really, they are going to be up against a wall if the number of people coming across significantly increases. What we have seen in the past, what they have had to revert to is issuing notices to appear or notices to report, basically quickly checking somebody’s background and taking their fingerprints, and then telling them to report to immigration authorities and their destination in the United States.

The problem with that is that, once people start doing that and have the — and word spreads that you can cross the border and not — and not be immediately deported, it does create a major incentive for more people to come. And, of course, smuggling organizations throughout the world are going to try to capitalize on that.

So this is their fear, ramping up — they need they need to ramp up their capacity and their ability to handle that kind of an influx over the next five weeks to get ready.

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