News Wrap: Manhunt for stabbing spree suspect in Canada, Juul agrees to $440M settlement

Judy Woodruff:

Police in Western Canada are still searching tonight for the remaining suspect in Sunday’s stabbings that left 10 people dead.

Earlier, they had a possible sighting of Myles Sanderson at the Cree First Nation Reserve, where the attacks took place. Officers surrounded a home with guns drawn and barricaded nearby roads. But, later, they said they found no sign of the fugitive. The other suspect, Sanderson’s brother, was found dead on Monday.

Electronic cigarette maker Juul Labs will pay nearly $440 million over allegations that its U.S. marketing triggered a surge in teen vaping. Today’s settlement is with 33 states and Puerto Rico. It includes a number of restrictions on the company’s marketing of these electronic cigarettes. Juul still faces nine lawsuits in other states and hundreds of individual suits.

In Britain, Conservative Liz Truss became prime minister today, as the country faces soaring inflation and labor unrest. She first met with Queen Elizabeth to accept the post, and spoke later outside her Downing Street office.

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