CBD Patch for Fast Pain Relief with Accurate Time Released Formula


CBD Patch by Exogen is a topical pain relief solution for inflamed muscles, joints and tendons. Formulated with lidocaine and menthol, Exact Patch allows for targeted and controlled therapy exactly where the patch is placed.

The patches Exact Patch allow the CBD-based blend to be absorbed through the patient’s skin into the bloodstream and from there the active ingredients can spread to the surrounding nerves and the central nervous system, making the treatment fast-acting and topical.


Complete Choice CBD Exact Patch by Exogen

The Topical Local Anesthetic Pain Relief CBD Patch offers 10 mg of an accurate time released long lasting formulation that features a contact layer specially designed to create the perfect environment for immediate and maximum delivery of analgesic supplements into the body. The layer’s exclusive, all-natural adhesive allows the patch to be worn anywhere on the body and to stay in place throughout the day.

  • Discreet, convenient and reliable pain relief
  • CBD Patch is long lasting, easy to apply and remove
  • Apply to any venous area of the skin near to pain area for best results
  • Provides 8-12 hours of unsurpassed, systemic pain relief, almost instant
  • High bio availability, medical grade materials used in the topical patch
  • ISO certified and 3rd party lab tested, NO THC
  • 15-30-minute uptake time
  • Manufactured in United States

The backing layer provides a seal, allowing the wearer to comfortably and safely
experience a steady dose of a nutrients, for hours at a time.

Up to 12 Hour Daily Pain Relief

Exogen Tорісаl CBD Pаtсh delivers cannabidiol and other plant-based active ingredients through the skin in a noninvasive manner. All ingredients are transported through the dermis or top skin layer directly into the bloodstream for continuous relief.

Directions: One (1) Trans-dermal CBD Patch at a time should be peeled and applied to a clean, bare area of the skin which could include bicep, shoulder, rib, or the wrist. Patch should be placed near venous area of the body.


CBD Oils and other cannabidoil products are legally made and sold in the U.S.

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    Willem Botha Avenue Sutherland Ridge Centurion
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