Spark Grill review | Top Ten Reviews

Imagine the smokey taste of meat grilled over wood, but with the warm up speed, precision and control of a gas grill. That’s what the Spark Grill, a versatile product that uses different kinds of charcoal bricks to match whatever cooking you’re doing, promises. 

Spark Grill: Key specs

Primary cooking space: 386 sq. in.

Dimensions: W 45” x D 23.5” x H 42.5” 

Weight: 77 lbs for the kettle + 28 lbs for the cart

Warranty: 3-year warranty, 100-day risk-free trial

From low and slow barbecue to pizzas that cook at upwards of 900 degrees and everything in between, Colorado-based Spark says its grill can do it all. We put those promises to the test, grilling and barbecuing a variety of foods chosen to challenge the grills spectrum of abilities.

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