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I know it would throw off the authenticity of the dish but would it work texture-wise if I used coconut oil instead of butter for finishing to make it vegan?


This was great rice. Made a batch to pair with some pastrami beef ribs and watermelon basil salad. Kept really well and has made good leftovers too.

AnonymousSanta Ana, CA08/14/20

I guess I should’ve known better. I make rice regularly and I should have realized that the percentage of water to rice was way off. The dish would’ve been nice except it never cooked, it turned out mushy when I added more water and now I have to throw out my expensive imported basmati rice. I’ve never had a Bon Appétit recipe turn out so badly.


Andy Baraghani! My favorite Persian BA chef! You always bring the best of the best to the table, representing our Persian Culture like what! Merci joonam! I love the simplicity of this recipe – as you know most Persian recipes call for 10000 ingredients and take loads of time to prepare and cook. This is great for quick & easy tasty summer dinners. Great recipe Andy.

rahbarimarizsa8801Washington 08/13/20

I had High expectations for this recipe as it looks so gorgeous in the photo. I thought it was good but not over the top.


The author of this recipe IS Persian! He talks about his culture and does a lot of Persian recipes, just check him out on the test kitchen… of all the BA people to correct lol


Also agree with Reddy, throw some recognition to the culture this comes from! I googled it based off Reddy’s comment and would very much like to learn more about Persian cooking from Persian chefs!


Hey you’re white washing this recipe. You title this “Buttery Tomato and Cinnamon-Spiced Rice” when this is a descriptor. At least you include the name of this dish “Kateh Gojeh farangi”; but swap them! This dish has a name so please use it as the title. By putting the name in the descriptor you are essentially “othering” the origins of this dish and white-washing it. All that said this is a solid recipe and turned out tasty.


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