Video shows raging floods surging in Yellowstone

Water churns in an angry brown torrent, trees collapse as the banks underneath them vanish in the spray, and roads crumble, asphalt carried downriver as if it were driftwood.

A newly released video (opens in new tab) captures the destruction from the historic June 13 flood in Yellowstone National Park, as the raging torrent surged across the park. What once were placid mountain waterways are transformed into roaring cascades; sloping riverbanks become sheer cliffs, their sediment carried away by the rushing water. 

The video, which was shared online by the National Park Service on July 18, also shows post-flood damage. The Canyon and North Entrance Road, which once hugged the Gardner River, now terminates abruptly in a ragged zig-zag, the river curving into the canyon walls that once supported the roadway. The spot where a patrol cabin once stood is inundated. Footbridges are washed out. Another video that was previously captured by a witness inside the park showed a park service staff housing building washing away. (opens in new tab) 

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