Where to Buy Spongebob Squarepants Makeup Sponges Online

Each sponge is made with microfiber bristles and has the signature velvet-like texture, making them super soft to the touch. The SpongeBob version comes in a pastel yellow shade with a flat bottom and slanted side that allows you to customize it to different areas and contours of your face. You can practically hear the Krusty Krab fry cook’s distinctive, high-pitched and nasal laugh when you glance at the smiley face on the sponge’s side.

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The Patrick sponge comes in a blush-pink hue with the starfish’s smile. Rather than the slanted side, the tool comes with the usual cone-shaped tip — similar to Patrick’s own head — and a flat bottom. 

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The last two sponges in the collection are two mini seafoam-colored tools. Unlike the others that have the character’s faces, these each have one of Gary’s distinctive eyeballs. It’s perfect for adding product to hard-to-reach areas, like the undereye and inner corner. 

The last product in the collection is the Bikini Bottom Bubbles soap, guaranteed to keep your sponges clean of any makeup buildup. 

If you’re as ready as SpongeBob always is for this collection, you can purchase it for $24 exclusively from thejuno.co.

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