With the coronavirus, ‘pay attention to the basics’


Caroline Chen:

Right. And this is what I was just talking about, which is everybody doing their part to have good personal hygiene habits. Stay home if you’re sick. And we should probably talk about this, which is, you know, what are the symptoms of COVID-19? And the first presenting symptoms in most cases are fever and a cough, not a runny nose. I don’t know how many people know that. And then what should you do if you do feel sick? We don’t want everyone to rush to the E.R. That would overburden the health care system and probably increase spread. So the recommendation right now is to call. To make a call, call your doctor, call your provider. You know, if you’re feeling really sick, you know, call 9-1-1 if you need to. But it’s pick up the phone first, because that helps the health system to triage you and tell you what to do. And I was just on the phone this morning with the, with a emergency physician and asking him, hey, what are you doing in your area? And it’s going to vary so much from system to system. They’re all kind of working out their cases. And he was like, you know, if you were someone where, based on either your travel history or other circumstances, you know, where we thought that you were a likely candidate to have COVID-19, you know, we could do something like say, we want you to come to a designated location, but stay in your car. You know, don’t walk right into the emergency room where you could infect other people. You stay in your car until we’re ready to come get you. And we can have our people, you know, gown-up appropriately so we can reduce our risk of infection and then we can come get you when you’re ready, you know? So that helps them have control.

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